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About IDEAS.

Of course, it is the end result that counts, but we also want to let you enjoy a smooth, uncomplicated and confident work process. Our interior designers know how people are affected by the environments in which they operate. We also know that brand-building interiors lead to better business, increased profitability and satisfied and engaged employees.

Ideas develops interior design concepts for offices and public environments. We combine design, functionality and brand building that provide added value and benefits for you as a client. Read more

By doing our research, understanding your business and getting to know you in depth, we can deliver an interior design concept that feels 100% right for you.

We specialize in facilitating Swedish and international companies and organizations in building environments that are cost-effective and have a strong identity. Profitability comes in the form of cost-effectiveness as well as the improved creativity and well-being of your employees.

IDEAS offer consists of competencies throughout the change process. From analysis, strategy and development to visualization and project management, purchasing and relocation.
By offering a complete range of expertise, you get an engaged, competent and responsive team that takes care of, guides and manages your vision throughout the change process.

In the end, we create Sweden’s most attractive environments. That is what we are absolutely best at, quite simply.

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Our plan for your project.

Planning and structure are everything during a change management process. With the IDEAS process plan you have a tool that makes it easier to make important and quick decisions along the way. The plan is divided into five stages. Each stage needs to be confirmed and approved before the project can move forward.

1. Pre-study.

Here we lay the foundation in order for your project to be successful.
We analyze all possible conditions – your needs, brand identity and your business challenges.
We also set a budget and a clear strategy that outlines how we will achieve your goals and visions.

2. Concept.

In this phase, we transform the feasibility study into interior design concepts and identify and define the main project and the sub-projects.

3. Design.

Concepts become detailed drawings and finished documents. For example, new furnishing elements can be decided on and purchased in this phase of the project.

4. Implementation.

The project is nearing completion and the new premises are ready to be put into operation. The interior has been delivered and installed.

5. Future.

By following up on each project, we ensure that the vision of the project has been realized. We finalize the project by providing comprehensive documentation and provide proposals for future development.

Sustainable development is always a good idea.

IDEAS works with sustainability by creating environments designed for people’s well-being using the resources that are available.
We develop interior design concepts for generations past and considering generations to come.
Recycled and long-lasting materials. Long-term solutions and follow-up.
Adhere to sustainability requirements, acquire new knowledge, commit to responsible suppliers and always practice what you preach. That is the IDEAS approach to sustainable development and progress.

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